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Standard Oil, an American oil company that operated from 1870 to 1911

subsidiary and successor companies related to Standard Oil:

Standard Oil of Brazil

Standard Oil of California, also called Socal, then Chevron

Standard Oil of Illinois

Standard Oil of Indiana, also called Stanolind, then Amoco, which merged with BP

Standard Oil of Iowa

Standard Oil of Kansas, spun off from Kentucky Standard

Standard Oil of Kentucky, also called Kyso, which merged with Chevron

Standard Oil of Louisiana, formed by New Jersey Standard

Standard Oil of Minnesota

Standard Oil of Missouri, spun off from Kentucky Standard

Standard Oil of Nebraska, spun off from Indiana Standard

Standard Oil of New Jersey, also called Esso, then Exxon

Standard Oil of New York, also called Socony, then Mobil, which merged with Exxon

Standard Oil of Ohio, also called Sohio, which merged with BP

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