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After-sale Service


We have an excellent customer service system with a well-trained, strong and skilled service team to provide customers with a comprehensive pre-sales service, product services and after-sales service. Our customer service department has more than a dozen highly skilled and experienced technical support engineers, who are all in charge of the technical support of all LED display products we provide all over the world. We are continuously improving upon our level of service and quality to quickly and effectively meet customer needs and guarantee their benefits and interests.

Service Concept

We believe in taking the initiative, maintaining honesty and trustworthiness, which means we will respond quickly to customer questions and do everything possible to meet customer demands.

Service Content

1. 24-hour hotline service, including counseling and technical guidance

2. On-line service

3. Failure maintenance of LED panels

4. Free professional technical training

5. Paid software upgrade

6. Warranty service

7. Engineering technical service

Warranty Period

Each of our LED display products comes with a one year warranty and lifetime maintenance services.

Special Announcement

During the warranty period, we will not charge for maintenance, services and material expenses. If it is beyond the warranty period, we will only charge for the materials.

Starting from the date the product reaches the customer and is signed for acceptance, all man-made damages, accidental damages, and damages caused by malpractice are not covered under the warranty.

We provide LED screens with a lifetime of maintenance services, and we constantly improve the systematic functions and upgrade software for you. If you need added hardware devices, we will only charge for the price of the components.

A variety of contact information, such as telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail address, and a 24 hour response service are available.

Contact Information

TEL: +86-755--29168291-805

E-mail: [email protected]

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